Conflict Resolution

conflict resolutionAs in the society at large, a variety of conflicts and complaints arise in a business setting. This is unavoidable, so the challenge is to intervene in time to resolve the situation and prevent it from disrupting the environment of your workplace. We will rapidly resolve workplace conflicts/complaints and prevent organizational disruptions and their negative consequences.

Our service to you will ensure:

  • Impartial investigation and assessment of the relevant facts.
  • Guidance on understanding the employees’ grievances (real and perceived) and provision of a plan of action for resolution.
  • Mediation of a frank and constructive conversation between disputing parties to establish goals, procedures and ground rules for resolving the conflict.
  • Clarification of behaviors that trigger negative responses from other employees.
  • Assistance for leadership to define key issues and identify employees’ responsibilities.
  • Recommendation for follow-up action.
  • Opportunity for employees involved to express their grievances.