Interactive Theater

interactive theaterUsing interactive theatre, we tackle the issues of workforce diversity and cross-cultural awareness. This methodology is ideally suited to identifying existing beliefs of your employees, observing real life models of appropriate and inappropriate behavior, examining the consequences of these behaviors, and exploring ways to resolve them.

The Process

  1. In partnership with your project team, we identify your needs either from information you provide or use our needs assessment method, and establish a program goal.
  2. Our script writer creates scenes from acquired data and a series of rehearsals are conducted with the cast.
  3. At the presentation of the program, a facilitator guides the proceedings throughout.
  4. Following the presentation of the scenes, an interactive dialogue occurs between the participants and the actors, who remain in character. This is to ensure that all the relevant themes of diversity are covered during the session and to deepen the discussion and sharpen the learning points.

Under the constant guidance of the facilitator, the interactive segment of the program allows a safe, but vigorous dialogue that raises the awareness of the participants on both an intellectual and emotional level.