csw team

The buzz generated by the Navigating Differences session was enormous and had really helped shift some thinking within our leadership teams. We’ve plenty of work ahead of us no doubt, but this was truly a catalyst for positive change and I’m proud that we have been able to work with you and your team to make a difference.
– Global Natural Resources Company, Human Resources Manager, Singapore

Some of the conversation certainly made me squirm a little, and I know it did for many of us. That was the point of it, to challenge all of us to think honestly about these issues and not be afraid to confront them head on. We each have to ask ourselves, are we doing enough to ensure we are a diverse and inclusive culture?
– Global Investment Bank, CEO, New York City

I just completed the CSW 3 hour Diversity Training Course, It was superb. Very professional, educational and compelling.
– Global Investment Bank, Managing Director, London

Yesterday I attended my second “screening” of Diversity at work. As an Academic leader I am familiar with the issues of bias and stereotypes. I am delighted that my staff members who came felt they had a great eye-opening experience- you and your team provided them with tools they can use.
– Tier 1 US University, Department Head, Boston

The discussions that arose from the scenes were invaluable learning opportunities as so many issues and complexities were raised. The facilitator was also an excellent expert in the area and provided many valuable insightful viewpoints from a global perspective and from different regional offices.
– Global Investment Bank, Vice President, Hong Kong

Excellent management of discussion of very difficult issues especially LGBT issues and race as these are significant pink elephants in our community and business at large.
– Tier 1 US University, MBA Student, USA

Highlighted real issues in the world that will impact us as future global leaders that we need to address and take ownership for.
– Tier 1 US University, MBA Student, USA

Engaging, edgy, upfront, and honest.
– Tier 1 US University, MBA Student, USA

Hearing opinions I didn’t want to hear, but know they exist in the workplace.
– Tier 1 US University, MBA Student, USA