CSW Associates supports Community Business Publication Launch

CSW Associates participated in the launch of Community Business’ latest publication, ‘Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees in India – A Resource Guide for Employers’. The Resource Guide was launched in Mumbai on October 9 and in Bangalore on October 12, 2012. The launch events included an overview of the Resource Guide, a panel discussion with leading companies and experts, and a live case study using interactive theatre conducted by CSW. A leader in guiding companies that tackle culturally sensitive issues globally, CSW introduced a new module centered on LGBT issues based on years of experience working in the region. Leading companies operating in India have a role to play in achieving greater acceptance and equality for LGBT individuals and creating a safer and open environment for their LGBT employees. The LGBT Resource Guide for Employers clearly establishes the business case, gives an overview of the cultural, social and legal context for LGBT in India and provides a set of regionally relevant recommendations to help companies create more inclusive workplaces for their LGBT employees in India. CSW is honored to support Community Business in their efforts to promote respect and inclusion for LGBT individuals globally.